Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Legends of Demons and Gods

妖神记 Legends of Demons and Gods

By: Mad Snail 发飙的蜗牛


Hi all, this is my first attempt at translating my favourite Chinese light novel, Legends of Demons and Gods by an outstanding author, Mad Snail.

This story is about a shaman named Nie Li who managed to become a very high level shaman. However, Nie Li was killed in battle when he was attacked by a Saint Emperor and six divine beasts. Instead of dying, Nie Li suddenly finds himself back in time, to the time when he is 13 years old, thanks to a time travel book he found on his journey.

Armed with the knowledge of the future and his experiences in becoming a powerful shaman, Nie Li seeks to prevent tragedies of his past life, and erase his biggest regrets.

Join Nie Li as he embarks on his journey to change the future...

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