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Chapter 1

A ray of sunlight shone through a gap in the massive mountain range, illuminating a deep valley. There are still traces of snow on a hillside next to the valley. 

It is already the beginning of summer, but the snow and ice from the last winter has yet to melt. In this valley, the winter is exceptionally long. Roars of various beasts echo through the valley from time to time. 

Sitting on the plains of this valley is a magnificent city. 

The world outside of the mountain range is inhibited by various beasts, and the people living in this city has not seen anyone from outside the city for over a hundred years.

The people in the city has no idea of what is going on outside of the city. It is recorded that during the most glorious period of mankind, there were thousands of legendary shamans and warriors, and many large cities was flourishing throughout the worlds. However, these cities has already reduced to ashes and ceased to exist. 

Because of its unique location, this city is spared from the ravages of the Age of Darkness, and is relativity untouched. Although various demonic beasts attacked the city from time to time, each time the demonic beasts were repelled, and the walls of the city were quickly rebuilt to prevent further intrusions by beasts. 

The mottled walls of the city is a glorious immortal monument of the persistence of the citizens!

This city is named GuangHui city and is a symbol of hope for the humanity. 

In ShenLan College, in the beginner's class, there were over 30 students seated in the classroom, listening to a teacher. These students are all student apprentices who aspire to be a warrior or shaman.   

Some students in the class were quietly whispering: "It is rumored that the new teacher, teacher Chen Xiu, is a member of the prestigious Shen Sheng Clan, and is a 3 star Silver ranked shaman!" 

The attention of the students were focused on the teacher: her tall figure, the lavender dress wrapped tightly against her body, perky chest, slender white pair of legs, with exquisite make up. She looks beautiful and elegant but her eyes were full of pride and arrogance. Shen Sheng Clan is one of the three most important Clans in Glory City, with many Clan members being nobles. As a 3-star silver shaman, the teacher is proud of her rank and for being of noble birth.

As a 3 star silver shaman, her skills are highly in demand. If not for the fact that her nephew Chen Yue is in this class, she will not even consider teaching here. 

The teacher proceeded to explain about the world to the class: "Shaman and Warriors are ranked by 5 classes. These five classes are bronze, silver, gold, black gold, and legendary class. Each class is divided in 5 ranks from 1 star to 5 stars. "

"Shamans are more valuable than warriors, and is considered a noble existence. This is because Shamans can capture the essence of beasts and merge with these beasts' essences to enhance their power in combat. These enhanced powers provide the shamans with massive strengths and skills that warriors of the same rank cannot compete with." Teacher Shen Xiu raised her chin in an arrogant matter: "Just like me! My spirit beast essence is a scarlet flaming fox!" 

Legends of Demons and Gods

妖神记 Legends of Demons and Gods

By: Mad Snail 发飙的蜗牛


Hi all, this is my first attempt at translating my favourite Chinese light novel, Legends of Demons and Gods by an outstanding author, Mad Snail.

This story is about a shaman named Nie Li who managed to become a very high level shaman. However, Nie Li was killed in battle when he was attacked by a Saint Emperor and six divine beasts. Instead of dying, Nie Li suddenly finds himself back in time, to the time when he is 13 years old, thanks to a time travel book he found on his journey.

Armed with the knowledge of the future and his experiences in becoming a powerful shaman, Nie Li seeks to prevent tragedies of his past life, and erase his biggest regrets.

Join Nie Li as he embarks on his journey to change the future...